The Christmas Sheep Part 1

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: John 10:27

When we think about Christmas, we think about the Nativity scene. And when we think about the Nativity scene we envision the baby Jesus in a manger surrounded by animals. Well its most likely one of those animals are sheep. Especially since Bethlehem was known as the birthing place of sheep, especially for the Passover

Jesus says “My Sheep hear my voice and they follow me”. Think about it why did you answer the calling of Jesus and others didn’t? Of course the Holy Spirit intervenes, however you are Jesus faithful Sheep. You are the Sheep Jesus is talking about. If you follow Christ you are his sheep

Now when you look at the Nativity scene, and you see the baby Jesus surrounded by sheep. I want you to envision that you are those sheep. You are at the manger with Jesus. You might say “This is crazy, Jesus is a baby, the sheep are dumb and dirty, ect” Jesus said “Unless we become like little children we cant see the Kingdom of God”

Humble yourself before the King. If you are a follower of Christ, you are his Sheep.

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. John 10:28

Jesus gives us the greatest gift of eternal life. A gift that cant be bought, but by the blood of Christ. A gift that cant be found in this world except at the manger. If you are his sheep , nobody can pluck you out of the Shepherds hand!

Come to the manger, and sit down with the Savior. You have answered his calling and he will save you Amen!

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