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Zeal Without Knowledge

Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth. Proverbs 19:2
Zeal can be a good thing, its great to have passion for things. Many will say that they have Zeal for God or they are On fire for The Lord, however the Bible also warns Zeal is no good without knowledge. We can have passion about a cause we are supporting however this doesn’t mean were doing the right thing. Having Zeal with no knowledge is like computer with no processor, its running but it doesn’t comprehend what is running

Todays society I think we see this a lot, many people have great Zeal about certain issues and topics. However often when you analyze the issue they are debating, often their movements contradict themselves. There are many things wrong with the world today, however two wrongs don’t make a right. Often people with Zeal without knowledge end up causing more harm than good with their reactions

The Apostle Paul is a great example of this, nobody could doubt he had Zeal for God. Paul would do anything to serve and defend God. However his knowledge was lacking, he believed that all Christians were heretics and needed to be exterminated. Paul had Zeal for God but he was misled by his emotions and not his knowledge

But we all know the story , Jesus revealed himself to Paul on the road of Damascus and then Pauls Zeal turned to serving The Lord. What happened? Paul had more knowledge. Its important for all of us to seek wisdom, seek knowledge, seek truth. Your Zeal can be very misled if its not informed

Its important we dedicate time to our studies, we need to read the Bible daily, read as many books as possible, listen to qualified teachers, pray a lot, allow the Holy Spirit to lead and teach you, follow our Teacher and Master Jesus! Amen!

A Good Thing

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Proverbs 18:22
Many people in todays society have a negative view on marriage, in fact a lot of the younger generations don’t get married at all , they like to “shack up”. Guess what, marriage is a good thing and not only that when you find a good wife, you have found favor with God.

What is the problem with “shacking up”? Well the problem is there is no commitment, marriage is a covenant made between a husband and a wife under God. It’s a promise they made under their Creator to become One flesh. People who are shacking up have made no commitment, and their heart can stray at any moment. This is why a lot of people like the concept, they want to enjoy the benefits of being marriage without making any real commitment.

This is how a lot of people are with God also. As the old saying goes “Everyone wants to go to Heaven” of course everyone wants eternal life, but nobody wants to commit to Christ. Nobody wants to make Jesus their Master! We want the benefits of the New Covenant without any commitment, that’s not how life works.

The Atheist wants all the benefits of God, they want to experience Love, they want to live in his Creation, they might even want children, however they wont even admit that God exists. They want the benefits without the commitment. Because if they admit God exists, then this changes everything, now you have a moral responsibility. Now your conscience is searing you with right and wrong

Adam found out that Man cant live alone, so God created him a wife. We were not made to live alone, we need friendship, we need fellowship, we need companionship, we need love. This is why God created marriage, an everlasting covenant between soulmates.
Now I know there have been a lot of bad marriages, and some people have had bad experiences. But as the old saying goes “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” Just because your marriage was bad doesn’t mean marriage is a bad thing. The most important thing is to build your marriage upon the Rock Jesus Christ! Amen!

Born Again?

The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? Proverbs 18:14

Who can survive a broken soul? Other translations say who can bear a crushed spirit or who can endure a suffering spirit” The point is we can endure physical sickness but we cant save our own soul. The same can be said for someone who is in perfect physical health. You can look beautiful on the outside, but if your soul is not saved , it does you no good.

As Jesus said “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul” (Mark 8:36) You can everything going for your on the outside, money , health, friends, but if your not saved on the inside it doesn’t mean anything. There is only one who can save your soul, and that’s Jesus Christ

Now I know there are some who will say “I don’t believe in a soul or spirit” “I’m just living my life right now” Well lets have this conversation when your about to take your last breathe. Its easy to say you have no soul, when your mortal body is functioning fine. But a time comes when you have to face your mortality.

When you understand that there is more to the world than just the physical universe, you start to see things from a different perspective. Your not just a speck of dust floating around, you were created by a higher power for a higher purpose. You may then want to actually know who your Creator is and what his plan for your life is

There is only one who can save your soul, its Jesus Christ (John 14:6) You must become Born Again to see the Kingdom of Heaven said Jesus (John 3:3) This is a rebirth of your soul not body. The resurrection comes later, the only one who can fix your wounded spirit is Christ! Amen!

Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. Proverbs 18:10

When we think about a tower, what comes to mind? Usually we think about a large structure overseeing the land. Even today in modern times, towers are still a part of civilization. Think about the famous Eifel tower, Americas Freedom Tower, Chinas Great Wall has many towers implemented into it.

The main purpose of the tower originally was for defense in ancient times. It allowed better visibility to warn a community about an enemy approaching. Jesus is our Strong Tower or Watch Tower, he opens the eyes of the spiritually blind. When you are led by the Holy Spirit, you see the wickedness of yourself instead of turning to man for solutions , you turn to God, your strong tower.

Another example of a strong tower is a lighthouse. During a storm in a raging sea, there is a tower of light standing on the coast to guide people home. Jesus is our Light, he is our guide to keep us on course. Without the light , we would blindly be lost in the ocean and perish from the wrath of the storm

When life gets hard and full of turmoil, run to your strong tower, the Lord Jesus Christ. As a shepherd watching over his sheep, The Lord is watching over You! If only the world would look to God for answers instead of ourselves, if we would only go to the strong tower, then maybe we would see things from a different perspective, Amen!

Hold Your Peace

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. Proverbs 17:28

Everyone loves to be considered wise, sometimes we just don’t know what to say. But sometimes the best thing is to say nothing! Yes think about that, the Bible says “Even a fool can be considered wise when they keep their mouths shut” Wow if we only would take this advice and apply it to our lives

But nobody likes to hold their peace. Everyone wants to be loud and be heard, but is it really doing any good? When people are screaming and hollering in your face, are you really listening to them? No your just annoyed , even if that person might have a good thought or idea, they are already drowned out by the delivery of their message

And then we have the times when we should just keep our mouths shut. We’ve all been there, some people just want to argue or some people just want you to conform to their ideas without listening to yours. Sometimes its best to “Hold Your Peace” and move on.  There are other times when maybe we don’t have all the information on a specific topic, and then it might be best to “Hold Our Peace” until we learn more and do more research.  Often people get into debates that they have no idea what their talking about, and end up looking like fools. Its ok to walk away

Jesus said “If anyone is not willing to listen to you, Shake the dust off your feet and move on” (Matthew 10:14) Jesus didn’t say continue to argue with people , he just said move on. If people are not willing to listen , there will not  be any productive communication. And sometimes the best thing to do is Hold Our Peace and move on! Amen!

Friend In Jesus

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17

You heard the old expression “ You find out who your friends are” , when things are going good, when you have lots of money, when your popular, you’ll have lots of “friends” However when things are going bad, when your down on your luck, when your going through a trial or tribulation, where are all these “friends”?

Often people use the word friend very loosely. We like to think we have a lot of friends, but how many of these people will really be there during adversity? As the scripture says “ A friend loves at all times” This is a true friend, that will have your back no matter what. That will be with you through thick and thin. As we all know , these true friends are not easy to find.

So maybe your thinking, wow I don’t really have any true friends, well there is good news. As the old song goes “What a friend we have in Jesus” In the gospel of John, Jesus actually calls us his friends and not only that he says he lays his life down for us! (John 15:13)

Imagine having a friend who would die for you, well you do! Its Christ , however a friendship entails two parties. You need to reach out to Jesus and let him know how your doing. Jesus said “He will never leave or forsake us” (Hebrews 13:5) Oh what a friend we have in Jesus, he gave his life so you can have eternal life Amen!

Pleasant Words

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

Words have a lot of power , they can either bless or curse us. For example if all you ever hear in your life is negative comments, you probably wont feel very confident or secure about yourself. However if you have people who are encouraging or lifting you up, it can make a big difference to our psyche.

These days on social media you see a lot of negativity. There are certain people, who they call “Internet Trolls” that just go on social media to argue and attack people. What are they trying to accomplish? They are trying to bring people down, there trying to create division and chaos. The power of words is very dangerous

However we can also use social media to encourage people. Wouldn’t that be something if everyone spoke positively on social media, imagine the impact it might make. As the scripture says “Pleasant words are like honeycomb for the soul” An encouraging word can really make a difference in somebodys day or even life.

Now does that mean we should never speak that truth when its unpleasant? No but we shouldn’t continually be looking to bring people down. Jesus didn’t die on the cross because he hated everyone, Jesus did it because he genuinely loved people. He was willing to pay the ransom so we can be freed from the oppression of sin and death

So next time your going to open your mouth to blast someone or post a nasty comment, stop and think about the consequences of your actions. Is there something else you can say, that could inspire or uplift people?  Tell them about Jesus and how we loves them enough to die for them! Now they are pleasant words Amen!