Commentary on the Book of Isaiah

Chapter 1- White As Snow

Chapter 1-Isaiah 1- Lamb of God

Chapter 5- Good vs Evil

Chapter 7- Isaiah 7- The Sign

Chapter 11 Isaiah 11- Root of Jesse

Chapter 11- Mysterious Ways

Chapter 25- Eternal Victory

Chapter 27- Ultimate Victory

Chapter 28- Cornerstone

Chapter 32- Holy Spirit

Chapter 33- God Will Save Us

Chapter 40- Eternal Word

Chapter 40- Isaiah 40- Prepare The Way

Chapter 41- I AM Your God

Chapter 42- All Things New

Chapter 43- God Is With You

Chapter 44- Who Is Like God?

Chapter 45- Every Knee Will Bow

Chapter 48- Peace Like a River

Chapter 49- In Gods Hands

Chapter 50 – On His Back

Chapter 53- Who Believes?

Chapter 54- No Weapon Will Prosper

Chapter 55- Higher

Chapter 57- Know Jesus Know Peace

Chapter 58- Call Upon The Lord

Chapter 60- Arise and Shine

Chapter 61- The Good News

Chapter 61- Isaiah 61- Set Free

Chapter 62- New Name

Chapter 64- The Potter

Chapter 65- Former Things

Chapter 66- Gods Glory

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