Chapter 1-Fear of God

Chapter 1-Listen To Your Parents

Chapter 1-Repent

Chapter 2-Wisdom Comes From God

Chapter 3-Trust In God

Chapter 3-Finding Wisdom

Chapter 4-Heavenly Father

Chapter 4-Guard Your Heart

Chapter 5-God Knows Everything

Chapter 6-Wake Up Christian

Chapter 6-God Hates Sin

Chapter 7-To The Slaughter

Chapter 8-Wisdom Is Priceless

Chapter 9-Forsake Foolishness

Chapter 10-Hatred Stirs Up Strife

Chapter 11-Pride Comes Destruction

Chapter 11-Soul Winner

Chapter 12-Love Reproof

Chapter 12-The Good Word

Chapter 13-Living Hope

Chapter 14-Least Of These

Chapter 14-Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Chapter 15-The Answer

Chapter 15-Living Sacrifice

Chapter 16-Pride Goes Before Destruction

Chapter 16-Pleasant Words

Chapter 17-Friend In Jesus

Chapter 17-Hold Your Peace

Chapter 18-Strong Tower

Chapter 18-Born Again?

Chapter 18-A Good Thing

Chapter 19-Zeal Without Knowledge

Chapter 19-King of Kings

Chapter 19-Follow Jesus

Chapter 20-Wait Upon Jesus

Chapter 20-The Christian Walk

Chapter 21-Are You a Good Person?

Chapter 21-Do Unto Others

Chapter 22-Train Up A Child

Chapter 22-Lord Of ALL

Chapter 23-Seek Jesus

Chapter 23-Don’t Envy Sinners

Chapter 24-Rise Up

Chapter 25-Come Up Here

Chapter 25-Faith in God

Chapter 26-As A Dog Returns

Chapter 27 -Tomorrow

Chapter 27-Iron Sharpens Iron

Chapter 28-Bold As A Lion

Chapter 28-Trust In Jesus

Chapter 29-Prodigal Son

Chapter 29-Fear No Evil

Chapter 30-The Word of God

Chapter 31-Shall Be Praised





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