Love Reproof

Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish. Proverbs 12:1

How many of us love being told we are wrong? Of course none of us do, the evidence is on social media. If you disagree with someone, most likely they will come back with insults or block you. Why do we hate correction? This is part of our wicked human nature, we are prideful and arrogant. The problem is if we don’t like reproof or correction, how can we expect to continually learn anything?

Now the next part of the equation is the source of truth. As the old saying goes “Garbage in , garbage out” If our source of truth is false, then all were going to learn is false information. When we are willing and ready to learn, we need to find reputable and trusted teachers.

God has supplied some of our needs for learning. He has preserved his Word the Bible. If you compare todays translations with the manuscripts from thousands of years ago its still 99.9% the same. God has sent his Son the living Word of God Jesus Christ. He taught us and demonstrated to us the revelations of God. And of course God sent the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher, advocate, counselor, and guide

A good man obtaineth favour of the LORD: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn. Proverbs 12:2

God loves those who are willing to humble themselves and be disciplined. The part of the gospel that most people leave out is repentance. You cant be saved unless you turn away from your sin. This is why we need a savior in the first place. When people fail to recognize their sin , there is no repentance.

Are you correctable? Are you teachable? Are you willing to examine your life and compare it against the Holiness of God? You soon realize you need a Savior, you need Jesus Christ as your Lord Amen!

7 thoughts on “Love Reproof

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  2. veritaslib3rat

    Geneva is closest to the original which logically makes it more accurate than KJV, of which I was KJVO for 15 years, says: He that loveth instruction, loveth knowledge: but he that hateth correction, *is* a fool.


    “The Duty Of A True Patriot Is To Protect His Country From It’s Government.” (Thomas Paine) “You are the govt’s boss, don’t let them forget it. Don’t play their game, play yours; resistance is mandatory!”

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  3. cctechm777

    Excellent…..those who call themselves Christian and desire not the truth…..will react in a m ost violent manner. Or they will not “desire to talk about it, another form of denial. However our flesh resists, Praise the Lord we have Him to “rid us of our Idols” and that will include “Pride” of being right.
    I do only read the KJV, I did a comparison back in the late 90’s and found all wanting. These days God’s word is so polluted within the new translations, especially the Message is just Anti-Christ inspired, along with the NIV and other’s. So I disagree with your 99,9% correct.
    I would say 60%. maybe less, I need to research that, but thank you for the Challenge! LOL!
    Thank you…..this is perfect for this day and age in which we live!

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      1. cctechm777

        Actually the NIV misrepresents the scrolls, and totally delete scriptures. And totally change the wording which contradicts the true translation. And when you have homosexuals sitting on the boards as they did back in the late 90’s, then you know you can not trust the version.
        The NLT I’m aware of but have not run across it. The Message is totally a perverse book not to be used by true believers. I have read and heard those that utilize that New Age version and their views of Christ and the Gospel is totally perverted. Most of the version are from the spirit of the Anti-christ to subvert the Truth, and cause people to follow the enemy.
        If we love the sheep we must stand strong and rebuke everything that does not represent the One True Christ and His Gospel. If we do not, and compromise the Word, then he Love of Christ is not within us.
        The truth is meant to offend, and there is no apologizing for that.
        Lord bless you…..

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