Why do you celebrate Christmas? Did you know more than 2 billion people from 160 countries celebrate Christmas? In the United States 90% of people celebrate Christmas including Atheist

The word Christmas derived from two words of Old English literally meaning Christ (Messiah) the title for Jesus and Mass (Maesse) derived from Latin “missa” which is the celebration of the Eucharist (Communion, Lords Supper)

Click on the links below on devotionals on the birth of our Messiah Jesus. As always any questions or comments, please send to

Child Is Born

Unto Us A Child is Born

The Seed

Fully God and Man

Watch “Merry Christmas” on YouTube

Merry CHRISTmas

Heart of Christmas

Fullness of Time


Festive Stress

Light of The World

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Sermon

Out of Bethlehem

Glorify God

Scepter Is Born

Our Savior

Only Begotten Son

Tree of Christ

God Is With Us

Watch “The Virgin Birth” on YouTube

Light Of The World

Seek Jesus

Earth Will Be Blessed

Watch “The Christmas Tree and The Bible” on YouTube

The Virgin Birth Part 1

The Virgin Birth Part 2

Virgin Birth Part 3

Man Child

Only Begotten Son

The Christ Has Come!

The Tree Part 1

The Tree Part 2

The Tree Part 3

The Tree Part 4

Lower Than The Angels

The Christmas Sheep Part 1

The Christmas Sheep Part 2

The Christmas Sheep Part 3

The Christmas Sheep Part 4

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