Messianic Prophecies

What are Messianic Prophecies? Prophecies that were foretold about Jesus (Messiah) in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies, click on the links below to read about each prophecy fulfillmentLion of Judah

Great I AM (Exodus 3)

Passover Lamb (Exodus 12)

God Provides The Lamb (Genesis Chapter 22)

Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14)

Enmity (Genesis 3:15)

Lion of Judah (Genesis 49)

Morning Star (Numbers 24)

Child Was Born (Isaiah 9:6)

Great Physician (Isaiah 35)

Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53)

Fulfilled (Isaiah 61)

Ancient of Days (Daniel 7)

Son Of Man (Daniel 7)

Raised Up (Deuteronomy 18)

Crucifixtion (Deuteronomy 21)

Immanuel (Isaiah 7)

Root of Jesse (Isaiah 11)

The Messiah (Isaiah 35)

Captain of God (Joshua 5)

Cornerstone (Isaiah 28)


New Covenant (Jeremiah 31)

Bethlehem (Micah 5:2)

Only Begotten Son (Psalm 2)

Cast From Birth (Psalm 22)

Resurrected (Psalm 16)

The Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)

In the Beginning (Psalm 102)

In the Name of God (Psalm 118)

Branch of God (Isaiah 4)

High Priest (Zechariah 6)

30 Pieces (Zechariah 11)

King of Kings (Zechariah 14)

Crucified (Zechariah 12)

Donkey (Zechariah 9)

John the Baptist (Malachi 3)

Before Abraham

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