After Christ ascended into Heaven and the Holy Spirit was poured down upon the Church, what happened next? The Book of Acts authored by Luke documents all the events the early Church experienced and accomplished. This is an essential book to study to understand what the Body of Christ (The Church) should look like

Chapter 1- Acts 1- The Ascension of Christ

Chapter 1- Acts 1- The Next Apostle

Chapter 2- Acts 2- Pentecost Part 1

Chapter 2- Acts 2- Pentecost- Part 2

Chapter 2- Acts 2- The Revival

Chapter 2-

Chapter 3- Acts 3- Better Than Money

Chapter 3- Acts 3- Jesus Is The Christ

Chapter 4- Acts 4- No Other Name

Chapter 4- Acts 4- Eyewitnesses of Christ

Chapter 4- Acts 4- Believers Prayer

Chapter 4- Acts 4- What Is The Church?

Chapter 5- Acts 5- The Holy Spirit is God

Chapter 5- Acts 5- Obey God Rather Than Man

Chapter 5- Acts 5- Fighting Against God

Chapter 6- Acts 6- The Chosen

Chapter 7- Acts 7- Death of Stephen

Chapter 8- Acts 8- Persecution of The Church

Chapter 8- Acts 8- Simon The Sorcerer

Chapter 8- Acts 8- Philip and The Eunuch

Chapter 9- Acts 9- Road to Damascus

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