Become Transformed

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

What is wrong with Christianity today? It has conformed to the world, the Church has changed its doctrines and beliefs to accommodate the sins of mankind. Instead of the Church telling people the true gospel of Repentance, and changing from your sin. The modern day Church is embracing peoples sins conforming itself to be popular with the world

This is not transforming! If you’re the same person after you came to Christ, you are not truly saved. What is your testimony? Did Jesus truly save your from the bondage of your sin or are you still enslaved by that sin? Stop conforming to the world, become transformed through Jesus Christ!

“You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved. Matthew 10:22

Jesus said “The World will hate you because of him” If your Church or yourself is popular with the world then you probably have done a lot of conforming. Why does the world hate Jesus? Because first the world is ruled by Satan (2 Corinthians 4:4) Second people love their sin more than they love God. Why are people so offended by the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? Because it requires a change to righteousness.

Stop conforming to the world, what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul (Mark 8:36) Amen


Day Of The Lord

For the LORD’S indignation is against all the nations, And His wrath against all their armies; He has utterly destroyed them, He has given them over to slaughter. Isaiah 34:2

There will come a time of Judgement for the entire world, notice God said “against all nations”. The period of grace will be coming to an end and judgement is coming. Its time for you to get right with God, its time for you to stop putting off your salvation and get saved by the blood of Jesus Christ

All throughout the Bible, God warns us of the wrath that will come to those who rebel against God. Many Christians today want to “water down” the message of the Gospel but Jesus is your only salvation! Repent or Perish, its really that simple

Seek from the book of the LORD, and read: Not one of these will be missing; None will lack its mate. For His mouth has commanded, And His Spirit has gathered them.  Isaiah 34:16

This is an interesting scripture, God is telling us to search “The book of The Lord” (The Bible) and none of these will be missing. Its telling us to check the prophecies that were fortold and verify they have been completed.

God has already told us the beginning to the end, we know the future because God has already revealed it to us, and without Christ you are cursed. The King of Kings is returning soon to restore Gods Kingdom, you are either with him or against him

Prepare for the Day of The Lord In Jesus Name Amen!

The Remnant


While Paul was using the story of Elijah to teach about “the remnant” of Jewish people are still going to be saved. This is also a great story and principle for Gentile Christians as well. Elijah was preaching to the Jewish people to repent and get away from the false teachings of Jezebel. Elijah faced strong opposition to the point he said “they killed Gods prophets and tore down Gods altars” and not they looked to kill Elijah also

Elijah ran and hid into a cave , however this is not what Gods plan was for him. Elijah had pretty much given up. God said to Elijah “What are you doing here”? (1 Kings 19:9) Even though Elijah thought he was defeated God knows the beginning and the end

But what is the divine response to him? “I HAVE KEPT for Myself SEVEN THOUSAND MEN WHO HAVE NOT BOWED THE KNEE TO BAAL.” Romans 11:4

Paul went on to teach about Gods response , Elijah thought he was the only Man of God left, however God still had “a remnant” of 7,000 holy men left. This is the same today, sometimes we may feel like we are the only Christians around preaching truth, however God still has his remnant of people.

You are not alone, God has a remnant of brothers and sisters serving The Lord in Jesus Name Amen

Jesus is King

For the LORD is our judge, The LORD is our lawgiver, The LORD is our king; He will save us—Isaiah 33:22

Why do wicked people hate Law and Order? They hate it because they love their sin more, however there are consequences for sin. When sin becomes prevalent society breaks down, anarchy and chaos become instilled, and the innocent become victims to the evilness of the people’s actions

The Jewish people longed for the Messiah to come, the King of Kings , to regain Law and Order and reign with righteousness. Where evil would be purged and the meek shall inherit the Earth with God. However when Jesus came, he wasn’t the King or Messiah they hoped for. He came to save the world, not only the Jewish people. Instead of slaying the wicked, he was slayed by the wicked. However he did it as atonement for our sins, which  allowed everyone to come to repentance.

and one of the elders said to me, “Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals.” Revelation 5:5

However the King of Kings is coming back, the first time Jesus came as the Lamb to be slayed for our sins, when he returns he will be the Lion of Judah, ready to restore Gods Kingdom and slay the wicked

Jesus is our Judge, Jesus is our Lawgiver, Jesus is our King, get ready for his return! Turn from your sinful ways and come to the Messiah before time runs out!

How will they hear without a Preacher?

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14

The verse before this is “Everyone who calls upon the name of The Lord shall be saved “ (Romans 10:13) which we quote a lot, however how will they call upon Jesus if they don’t know who he is? How will they know why they need Jesus? This is why , as Christians, we need to keep preaching, because how will they hear without a preacher?

A lot of people continually persecute and criticize Christians who like to preach, but if you are truly a Christian, this is our calling! Jesus said in the “Great Commission”  “Go and preach the gospel to the entire world (Mark 16:15) this is not a hobby this is your call of duty! How can people become truly saved unless they know the true gospel?

And he said, “Well, how could I, unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. Acts 8:31

We think about the Ethiopian man and Philip, the man wanted to know who the prophet Isaiah was referring to? Because Philip took the time to explain it was Jesus Christ, the Ethiopian man became baptized and saved!

How will they hear without a preacher? God needs you to preach the gospel to the entire world in Jesus Name Amen!

Set Free

Then the eyes of those who see will not be blinded, And the ears of those who hear will listen. The mind of the hasty will discern the truth, And the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak clearly. Isaiah 32:3-4

Why doesn’t most of the world believe or understand the Word of God? Because they are carnally minded, they don’t have the Holy Spirit within them. You can’t understand God without wisdom of the Holy Spirit, can you get the Holy Spirit unless you have faith in Jesus Christ, who is the only way to God

Jesus came to set the captives free, you are either a slave to sin and death or a slave to Jesus Christ, there is no in between.  Many today are still spiritually blind and deaf, their hearts are hardened by Satan, they don’t understand or even what to know Truth


Until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high, And the wilderness becomes a fertile field, And the fertile field is considered as a forest. Isaiah 32:15

God is establishing his perfect Kingdom through Jesus Christ, he will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever. There will be no end to the reign of his Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will be poured upon Gods people and the spiritual blindness and deafness will be removed.

Only through  Christ can we be set free and he will reign forevermore in Jesus Name Amen!