Who Believes?

Who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? Isaiah 53:1

This scripture is so powerful it has been referenced throughout the New Testament including Romans and John. The question is who believes that Jesus is truly the Son of God or Messiah? Most people generally have heard of Jesus. Most people know he is believed to be the Son of God or Messiah. Most people know about his crucifixion and resurrection.  So the question is who truly believes and who has rejected this message of Salvation from God?

When you read the rest of Isaiah 53 is describes the life of Jesus , grew up among us and yet most still never recognized him. He was despised and rejected for bring the truth to light. Yet even though many have rejected him, he took on the wages of our sins. He was pierced or crucified for our sins. God laid all iniquity on him from us.

Who is the arm of God? Its none other than Jesus Christ. He is God in the flesh. Many try to explain or understand the Trinity, understand Jesus is the Arm of God. Connected but yet separate from God. With all power and authority, he sits at the right hand of God.

So has Yeshua (Jesus Christ) being truly revealed to you?  The mighty King of Kings, who loves you enough to be the suffering servant. There is no other way to God but through Jesus Christ. Call upon The Lord and let him be revealed to you today in Jesus Name Amen

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