Moms Are Essential

Moms are essential

Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. Proverbs 31:25

In todays world,” essential worker” is a new buzzword. It only took a Pandemic for society to realize that the professional athlete, the Hollywood movie star, and the rock star are not essential to society. We have realized that people such as Doctors, Nurses, Truck Drivers, Grocery Store employees, ect are the real heroes that make this world go around

But this weekend we celebrate one of the most essential people on the planet, our Mothers. In a day and age when we have parades for “essential workers” and pay tribute to them, why not do the same for the Mothers? Without the Mother, there would be no essential workers in existence; therefor the Mother is actually the most essential of the essential

Being a Mom, has been a thank-less job for generations. People have taken the Mother for granted and highly demanded forever. And through it all, the Mothers have always prevailed and succeeded, we are all here aren’t we?

So this weekend , let’s take a moment to honor and thank our Mothers  for their dedication, sacrifice, service, and love they have demonstrated to us since the beginning of humanity. I personally would like to honor my wife (Heidi), the mother of my children, my Mother (Patricia) and my Mother in Law (Debra), I love you all and want to give you honor today! God bless all the Mothers!

4 thoughts on “Moms Are Essential

  1. veritaslib3rat

    So true. Mine passed on two years ago


    “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes A Duty” “You are the govt’s boss, don’t let them forget it. Don’t play their game, play yours; resistance is mandatory!”

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