What Is A Mother?

What is a Mother? A mother to me is core and center of a family. Without the mother there would be no life, as only a womb and the love of a special woman can bring life into existence. As a Father I cant provide all the essential things that a Mother could. I cant provide the loving compassion of a Mother, I can try but always come up short. I cant provide the gentle soothing voice of a mother, I can try but will never sound right. I cant be the gentle place to fall , I can always try but probably the fall would still be rocky

The truth is we cant duplicate or replicate Mothers. Mothers are a special gift from God that provide every essential for human life. And yes woman can accomplish amazing feats just as men, but woman can never be replaced as a Mother because they have been chosen by God for this special purpose

So today I wanted to honor our Mothers and let them know that just as God highly chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus, he highly chose all of you to be the mother of your children. This is not a calling that should be taken and seen lightly. It’s a calling that only special woman can fulfill. And I just wanted to say that I respect and love all of you from the bottom of my heart!

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