2 thoughts on “Watch “Who Is The Holy Spirit?” on YouTube

  1. Peter

    Good fruit Brother!
    False teachers who demand payment for the Gospel message are the problem and they are numerous in today’s churches indeed.
    Those who proclaim the Full Gospel message of salvation only as being through being born again are being true and doing so without the demand of a compensation package are the only true Disciples IMO.
    Love offerings were the true model in the early body of Christ yet the seminaries have compromised it by twisting scripture to say honor is equal to money and that the “do not muzzle the oxen” really means churches must a “pastor” a compensation package with a retirement add-on.
    The title “Pastor” isn’t even in God’s word.
    There are Elders and Deacons, period.
    All seven Elders in a fellowship should be teaching and taking turns doing so.
    Trust goes out the window with such distortions which is why society is amoral these days.
    The sin of deliberately avoiding a strong teaching on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is to be considered a sin of omission towards the Holy Spirit.
    That is said to be the unpardonable sin.

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    1. Unashamed of Jesus Post author

      Amen Brother the Church is a corporation … nothing more

      Research the origins of the word Church.. it’s not a correct translation of ekklessia.. which translates to assembly

      God bless you brother!



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