#Memorial Day 2017

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Most of us in America will have off work or school because of Memorial Day, but besides having picnics and opening the swimming pool, do you stop to think why we are celebrating this day? It’s easy to take freedom and liberty for granted, but throughout the generations there has been brave men and woman who have paid the price for all of us.

Regardless of what your political or religious beliefs are in America, you are reaping the benefits of these brave soldiers sacrifice. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be writing this blog, as I would probably be persecuted for my Christian beliefs like most countries around the world. Most of us in America take for granted our rights and freedom. Remember freedom always comes with a price.

Jesus also paid the price for us, and because of his sacrifice we are set free. Set free from sin and death. We also need to remember to reflect on what Christ has done for us and where we would be without him. Just as Jesus said there is no greater love to lay down his life, he showed that love for all of us on the cross

So this Memorial Day, reflect on the soldiers who paid the debt for your freedom, reflect on your Lord and Savior who saved your soul. Remember to Thank every soldier you see, for even if they did survive, they still paid a price for you. God bless America and all our soldiers past and present in Jesus Name Amen

6 thoughts on “#Memorial Day 2017

  1. Donald Norris

    Good word. We do take our freedoms for granted. Sad to read of 28 Christian brothers and sister killed and 22 wounded in Egypt just because they were Christians.

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