Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Are you a “Peacemaker”? Peace is something the world is always striving for, we write songs about it, books about it, but it never truly happens. Why? Because its in our instinct to want control, to envy, to lust, to demand power. When we conduct our daily lives, are we truly seeking Peace or conflict?

The original Greek for “Peacemaker” comes from “Eirene” which means “peace of mind” “wholeness when joined together” and “Poieo” which means to “Make, “Construct”, or “Cause” So a “Peacemaker” is one who is looking to unite people by their actions.

Jesus who is the “ Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6) taught us about making Peace by “Loving God” (Matthew 22:37) “Loving our Neighbors”(Matthew 22:39) and even  “Loving our Enemies” (Matthew 5:44)  Was this a popular concept? No, this is one of the reasons most Jews turned on him because they wanted war with the Romans.

But by Jesus actions on the cross, he was able to create an eternal Peace that is within that no one can take away. Jesus is the ultimate “Peacemaker”, an actions to bring Peace and unite Gods people.

We should strive to be more like Christ and be a “Peacemaker”. Will it always make you popular? Probably not, but Jesus promised that we would be called Children of God!

10 thoughts on “Peacemakers

  1. Donald Norris

    “this is one of the reasons most Jews turned on him because they wanted war with the Romans.” I had never really thought of this statement before, but it is true.

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  2. authorstephanieparkermckean

    Thanks for the insight into why most of the Jews turned against Jesus. Sadly, peace makers today are under attack too from those who want power and domination – not peace. People never change, do they? Except, of course, when they become new creatures in Christ and have the peace of God that surpasses understanding in their hearts.

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  3. maggie lenn

    Control = wanting to be our own God. Most of the time, it’s unintentional, but we want things to happen on our time and we want our outcome. It’s all about trust. If we Trust that Christ has an ultimate plan, than we can be peacemakers. Great post!

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