Press On

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

God has a plan for us but it’s not going to come without some opposition. Satan wants to control and destroy you, whenever you’re on the right path to your divine destiny, that’s when he pushes back harder.

That’s why we need to continue to “Press On” towards the prize of Jesus Christ. Don’t let obstacles sidetrack you to your destiny. Keep pushing forward

All of us, then, who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you. Philippians 3:15

The way Satan attacks us is through mind games. He gets in your head, tells you your defeated, tells you your crazy, tells you your wasting your time. This is why we need to fill our minds with Christ, because he is our redeemer, he overcame the world including Satan

Only let us live up to what we have already attained. Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do. Philippians 3:17

There is power in numbers, don’t walk alone. Make Jesus the center of your family and you can walk together to “Press On” to the prize! Be an example for those who are defeated or lost, and they will follow when they see the victory of Jesus Christ shining through you! Press On! Press on! Press On!

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