Sin is like a Beehive

Sin is like a beehive, we are enticed by the sweetness of it’s honey but unaware of the consequences of our trespasses. We partake in its sweetness and it tastes good, it satisfies the flesh. However lurking in that hive are angry bees looking to pay justice for our transgressions.

They begin to swarm and multiply in numbers. They surround you looking to destroy you not save you . You can’t escape them, they follow you wherever you go. You try to run faster but then just attack harder. Eventually you will be overcome and left in your pit.

Jesus is like a pool of water, he is deep and full of mercy. His living water is your only hope and he won’t reject you. You plunge into the water looking for mercy. You look up our the water and still see some angry bees trying to devour you. But they know if they enter the water they will be destroyed. For the Living Water is greater than there evil.

Eventually you are out of breathe so you have to come up out of the water. Your expecting another strike but there is a sense of peace in the air. Even though you are scared and battered by the strikes of the bees, you can now go without fear of being attacked.

Later you walk by another bee hive, will you repeat the same disobedience again or have you become transformed by the water? Life is full of choices, you must choose wisely or self-destruct in Jesus Name Amen

11 thoughts on “Sin is like a Beehive

  1. Israel Ashworth

    Yes we will repeat it but maybe not like the first time but the honey (sin) seems so good. My bible study has been on why is it so hard for change in our lives Especially with JESUS. Great post.

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  2. Tom

    Great blog! Indeed sinners like the Beehive but the honey loses its luster when the Spirit invades your body as it has mine. See my story at
    May the love and peace of God blanket you and your family

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