8 thoughts on “Asbury Revival? Jesus Revolution? Christian Conversation with Fred and John

  1. Debbie L


    God use this movement to spread His Ways and Word towards the east coast. I was very successful, but mixed up rising senior in college. I found myself in a bad situation. What I deserve. I thought suicide was the answer. As I was unable to find way to open the picture window, I cried out to God and said, I believe in You. Who is Jesus? I was in a stranger’s tri-tower apartment complex on the 14th floor in apartment C. Within minutes, and a knock at the door, I peaked through the peep hole. I was alone in a strangers apartment. I saw two bright, shining angelic faces who asked, have you thought about Jesus today???
True story and I am going to see the movie with another lady, actually widow, who was a member Chuck’s Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. She was baptized in the ocean. We are taking a friend who needs Jesus….

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