Lord of The Sabbath

“So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:28

The debate about the Sabbath in Christianity still continues today, even though this topic was settled by the early Apostles at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15) many groups still like to use this topic to condemn Christians.

Those who say “Jesus never addressed the topic of the Sabbath” are wrong, here is a good example of Jesus addressing the Sabbath. The word Sabbath is translated from the Hebrew word “Shabbat” meaning Rest, to enter into Gods rest. Many rules were added by man (religious leaders) over time to put people into bondage of the Sabbath, which it was never meant to.

The Pharisees were looking to condemn Jesus and his disciples for picking grain to eat on a Sabbath day. He reminded them when King David and his friends ate the bread that was meant for only the high priests, did the religious leaders stone David for this?

Jesus said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Mark 2:27

Jesus was showing that the Sabbath was a moral issue and not a legal issue. Did David do anything wrong morally on the Sabbath? No , but according to the legalist he broke the Law. Jesus is explaining the Sabbath was made for us , to give us rest. It wasn’t made to put us in bondage of The Law

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

The Sabbath was all about Gods Rest, Jesus is our Rest, Jesus is the fulfillment of The Sabbath. As Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath. Nobody is saying the Sabbath was abolished it was fulfilled.

If you want to keep observing the Sabbath, that is fine, but your not permitted to put others in bondage because of the Sabbath. Being in bondage of The Sabbath defeats the purpose of The Sabbath!

Come to Jesus all you who are seeking Gods Rest, Amen!

11 thoughts on “Lord of The Sabbath

  1. Dee@Sealed in Christ

    I can’t understand why people insist on putting themselves under the law. And yet, they are under law… the law of the Spirit of life in Christ. It’s almost as if freedom from the Law of Moses creates a void in many people and they find it impossible to let go.

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  2. swissdefenceleague

    Hello U.O.J
    6 Active Days Of Creations, 1 Of Rest
    6000 Years Of History, One Thousand Years Of The Reign Of Christ
    Today 5779 Adar 16
    5779 – 2019 = 3760 ( Jesus )
    6000 – 5779 = 221
    221 … Grand Grand Children ?
    I Don’t Believe To Those Calculations, But The 6000 And Then The One Thousand…Have To Say..That Strike Just A Little..
    God Bless !

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  3. Stephanie Bekasi

    Nice job brother!
    Now,if I may interject this one thing. I totally agree with God’s Word,work 6 and take 1 day to rest! That day of rest doesn’t have to fall on a Saturday or Sunday,it’s a day that you rest from working and doing things. Not everyone has a Monday thru Friday workweek so they do #need to find a day where they #rest from work!

    Shalom bro! 😉

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