Blessed Are The Meek

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth Matthew 5:5

The world tells us only the strong will survive, but Jesus tells us a different story. Only the meek will inherit the Earth. Think about it we live in a world where nations and groups try to dominate and control the Earth by violence and force. But in the end, all their blood shed will be pointless, as the meek and righteous will reign with the King of Kings in Gods Kingdom.

Often when we think of the word “meek” we think of weakness or defeated. But the Biblical meaning of “Meek” comes from the orginal Greek word “Praus” which means to be “Humble” “Under Control” “Gentle in Spirit”. When we you see the true descriptions of “Praus” or “Meek” you see the qualities of Christ. The Mighty King of Kings, Son of God, who humbled himself to lay down his life and fulfill his mission of salvation.

So we should strive to be “Meek”, to be obedient to God, to be humble even when we are blessed, to be under control and not a “loose cannon”. The world will “meekness” sound like weakness but to be meek is exactly what we should strive for.

So the question is , are you meek? Do you humble yourself before others or let your ego get the best of you? Do you have self control or do you react before thinking? Are you obedient to God or do you live on your own terms? Strive to be more like Christ and you will inherit the Earth in Jesus Name Amen


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