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Mark 5- Jairus’s Daughter

And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet, And besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live. Mark 5:22-23

Today we look at another healing Jesus made, a man named Jairus came to Jesus for him to heal his daughter. Who is Jairus? The Bible says he was a “ruler of the synagogue” obviously he had a high standing with the religious leaders at that time, so for him to come to Jesus shows not only great faith but also humility

Notice when it came to life or death for his daughter, Jairus denied his pride, humbled himself and came to Jesus. Don’t wait until your death bed to come to Christ, come to the only one who can save your soul, Jesus Christ now!

Jairus demonstrated his faith in multiple ways here, not only did he seek out Christ but he believed that if Jesus would just lay his hand on his daughter, she would be instantly healed. Jairus was convinced that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah

While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house certain which said, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further? As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.And he suffered no man to follow him, save Peter, and James, and John the brother of James. Mark 5:35-37

Bad news was given to Jairus, that his daughter had already died before Jesus was able to get to her. But when Christ heard this he said “Don’t be afraid just believe” this must have taken great faith to believe this. Notice Jesus told everyone not to follow him except a few disciples, why? Because of the lack of faith by the majority of people, Christ only surrounded himself with those who truly believed

And he cometh to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and seeth the tumult, and them that wept and wailed greatly. And when he was come in, he saith unto them, Why make ye this ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn. But when he had put them all out, he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying. Mark 5:38-40

When Jesus finally reached Jairus home, the girl was already dead. There were people mourning and crying over the loss of the young daughter. However Jesus made the statement “She is not dead, just asleep” What was the reaction of the crowd? The laughed at Christ, they had no faith in Jesus. 

And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise. And straightway the damsel arose, and walked; for she was of the age of twelve years. And they were astonished with a great astonishment. Mark 5:41-42

Jesus commanded “Little girl Rise” and immediately the daughter came back to life, just as when Christ commanded Lazarus “Come Forth” and brought him out of the grave, Jesus holds the keys to life and death!

Remember it was the faith of Jairus in Jesus that allowed this to happen. Jesus not only raised the dead but took a Synagogue leader and made him a disciple Amen!