1 Thessalonians 2- Gospel of God

For yourselves, brethren, know our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain: But even after that we had suffered before, and were shamefully entreated, as ye know, at Philippi, we were bold in our God to speak unto you the gospel of God with much contention. For our exhortation was not of deceit, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile: But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts. 1 Thessalonians 2:1-4

 What is the greatest career you can have in your life? Some would say a doctor or a lawyer, others would say a professional athlete or a rock star, however the greatest calling you can have in your life is to be a preacher of the gospel. This is a calling that has no career path, there is no money, there is no bragging rights, there is no retirement plan or benefits, however its a calling that has the highest honor and privilege than any other occupation in the world, because its to please our God and has eternal results

As Paul mentions, they have suffered and have been shamefully treated, however they still preach the boldness of the gospel. Being a real  preacher of Christ  is not an easy job, its not prestigious, its not glamorous, however notice what Paul says “We were allowed of God to be put in trust of the gospel” The honor and privilege is God trusts you enough to faithfully and honestly preach the gospel, that’s an amazing calling

But notice Paul calls it “Gospel of God”, for those who believe Paul didn’t see Christ as God, scripture once again rebukes you. We know the gospel is about Christ, and Paul refers to Christ as God. As Paul says “Not pleasing men but God” Doesn’t matter if modern day society doesn’t like the true Gospel, we are to please God not people. The Church can’t be compromising the gospel to be more accepted by the world, this is a fall into heresy

For neither at any time used we flattering words, as ye know, nor a cloke of covetousness; God is witness: Nor of men sought we glory, neither of you, nor yet of others, when we might have been burdensome, as the apostles of Christ.But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children: So being affectionately desirous of you, we were willing to have imparted unto you, not the gospel of God only, but also our own souls, because ye were dear unto us. 1 Thessalonians 2:5-8

Again we see the Apostle Paul use the term “Gospel of God” , he didn’t misspeak and it wasn’t an error, Paul was referring to Jesus Christ as God in the flesh (John 1:14, Isaiah 9:6) Paul mentions they didn’t water down the gospel to please people, they didn’t use flattering words, they preached the gospel the same way it was revealed to them by Christ himself

But Paul also says “We were gentle among you” The early Church wasn’t looking for a fight, like many Christians today on social media, the early Church was stern about the gospel and still treated people with respect. If someone rejects the gospel, then we need to shake the dust off our feet as Jesus said (Matthew 10:14) Remember to preach the gospel of God to everyone and everywhere, Amen!

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