30 thoughts on “Is Jesus The First Horseman?

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      1. JohnAllman.UK

        If this is the literal millennium of Christ’s reign on earth, I dread to think what the great tribulation will look like.

        However, a lot of prophecy does have pretty joined-up preterist interpretations, and some accrue new applications as history unfolds, because the same types (in the jargon sense used in theology) seem to recur in history as they do in scripture. (“There is nothing new under the sun.”) For example: the Man of Sin of 2 Thessalonians 2 probably resembles in part the odd Roman emporer or two (though I’d have thought Constantine least of all, the baptised-Christian Roman emporer who respectfully attended one of the councils at Nicea and whom the Orthodox revere as a holy person to this day, jointly with Elena); the Man of Sin also resembles in part the pope (bishop of Rome) or the papacy (as some of the Reformers taught, and some of the Orthodox no doubt taught >500 years before at the time of the East-West Schism – Patriarch Michael of Constantinople excommunicated the then pope, who excommunicated Michael); not to say countless cult leaders who had seemed to start out well as orthodox protestant sect leaders but went on to abuse their congregants, even leading astray even the saints temporarily, even unto death in the case of Jim Jones; even those like Steve Chalke, who try to incorporate LGBT dogma into the christian faith; as well as (of course) the Man of Sin describing a future, final anti-Christ whom only the return of Christ will destroy, as the apostle Paul expressly stated, with no hint in his wording that he might not be speaking literally that I can discern.

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      1. JohnAllman.UK

        I see. It’s a jolly nice idea. But does it hold water?

        What particular two historic events, about a thousand years apart, do you think mark the beginning and the end of this golden age?

        Can you think of any mischief that happened during this period (say the founding of a new, false, great world religion that was anti-Christian, or a fratricidal war between armies manned mainly by Christian soldiers, like the war in Ukraine now) that looks sufficiently evil to raise the suspicion that the devil himself, still free and at large, might have been involved in that mischief, not merely cheering it along from a prison cell, in chains?

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