6 thoughts on “Jude- An Example

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  2. mlikejesus

    The Scripture you used is correct. I’ve found that we have to love everyone in spite of how they live, what they represent, a believer, unbeliever, and other types of people groups. God will judge but we live in a time of grace. Therefore, just as Jesus did: we must love on sinners. Jesus once said something like this “I have not come for the righteous but I have come for the lost.” Just like Jesus we must reach out to the lost sharing the gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world with a loving composition heart and plant seeds of love. We plant the seed of love and God does the watering. If you knew my whole story of my little brother that was born a free bleeder you would come to find out that over time I have learned to love the LGBT community even though I believe they are living in sin. I love them but hate the sin. It is out of love not hate that we can reach all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Much love and peace to you and your family. Blessings.

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