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Revenge For Dinah

And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her. Genesis 34:2

Now as the nation of Israel was beginning to form through Jacob (Israel) and his family, trouble has already started. A man named Shechem, who was a Hivite, now the Hivites lived in the land of Caanan where Israel was going to be formed. Hivites were descendants of Ham who was a son of Noah

Shechem raped Dinah who is the daughter of Jacob. This is obviously going to create great strife between the groups of people. However Shechem convinces his father Hamor to try and convince Jacob to let him marry his daughter. This will prove to be a fatal mistake by the Hivites

And the sons of Jacob answered Shechem and Hamor his father deceitfully, and said, because he had defiled Dinah their sister: Genesis 34:13

Jacobs sons were deceitfully going to setup a deal with the Hivites to get revenge on them for what Shechem has done. They told them if all of the males become circumcised, they will make an agreement with them to merge together. Shechem was so eager to have Dinah for his wife, he convinced his father Hamor to agree to the deal

And it came to pass on the third day, when they were sore, that two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brethren, took each man his sword, and came upon the city boldly, and slew all the males. Genesis 34:25

It says that every male of the Hivites agreed to the deal and became circumcised. However Jacobs sons were looking for revenge. And while the men were all recovering from their circumcision, the brothers of Dinah came in and killed them all by their own sword

And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites: and I being few in number, they shall gather themselves together against me, and slay me; and I shall be destroyed, I and my house. Genesis 34:30

Jacob was very troubled by the whole sequence of events. He now knows his family are now going to be targets by other tribes living in the land of Canaan once they hear what they have done. And so it begins as Jacob and his family go on to claim the Promise Land that was foretold by God to Abraham

Brotherly Love

And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept. Genesis 33:4

Well its been 14 years since Jacob had seen Esau, and last time they saw each other Esau wanted Jacob dead. But its not all on Esau, Jacob deceived his father from giving his brother the blessing. But Esau out of recklessness sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. So both brothers are at fault here and made mistakes

We can learn from this in our own relationships. Are we feuding with family members , friends, or coworkers? Often times when we examine the situation everyone is at fault. Sometimes it takes one person to be the bigger person and propose peace

Well as it says “Time heals all wounds”, Esau and Jacob forgot about the past and were excited to see one another again. They both met new family members they didn’t know existed. Jacob was so happy this rivalry was resolved he said it was as if “he saw the face of God” (Genesis 33:10)

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; Romans 12:10

The brotherly love demonstrated between Jacob and Esau was pleasant to see and I’m sure it pleased God. Jesus taught us to love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34) This is a great message not only for families but also the Church

Let “Brotherly” Love continue between us all in Jesus name Amen!

Wrestling With God

And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him. Genesis 32:1

This is a very interesting Chapter and it starts out with a bang. Jacob and his family have now just split from his father in Law Laban and they are headed back to Canaan , his homeland. The only problem is he would be running into his brother Esau on his journey home. If we remember Jacob stole Esau’s birthright from their father, and last Jacob knew Esau declared to kill him

So notice God sent a group of Angels (Messengers of Elohim) to comfort and strengthen Jacob. Remember after Jesus struggle in the wilderness with Satan was over, Angels were sent to comfort him also.  Angels are all around us and God will send them to you in times of trouble! (Psalm 91:11)

Jacob though about fleeing as he found out Esau was on his way to meet Jacob. However Jacob remembered Gods promise that he will make him prosper (Genesis 32:9) However Jacob sent away his family to hide and was alone with God (Genesis 32:21)

And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day Genesis 32:24

Jacob describes a man wrestled with him until daybreak. Now this is important to understand, because later Jacob states “I have seen God face to face and yet my life was spared” (Genesis 32:30) How can Jacob have seen God yet wrestled with a man?  Jacob was wrestling with Jesus Christ himself

And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed. Genesis 32:28

Jesus changed Jacobs name to Israel because he struggled with God. This is the beginning of the birth of the nation of Israel. Are you wrestling with God today? Don’t give up, keep seeking, keep knocking, and he will bless you Amen!

Jacob Returns Home

And the LORD said unto Jacob, Return unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee. Genesis 31:3

The time has come for Jacob to return to his homeland with his entire family. God commanded Jacob to return, but this was going to cause strife with his father in law Laban. Jacob was afraid to tell Laban they were leaving, in fear that he would take his daughters (Leah and Rachel) back.

And Laban went to shear his sheep: and Rachel had stolen the images that were her father’s. Genesis 31:19

Now before they left, Rachel did something strange, she stole idols/images from her Father. Why did she do this? Maybe sentimental value? Maybe to sell them? However we see that Laban was a pagan. He was worshipping false gods. This is important to remember, that Abraham was raised a pagan. Then one day the true Living God called him out and to be set apart from the world

This is the same for us, when we get saved God is calling us out from this world of idols to be set apart body of believers

And God came to Laban the Syrian in a dream by night, and said unto him, Take heed that thou speak not to Jacob either good or bad. Genesis 31:24

Once Laban realized Jacob and his family had left, he pursued after them. But God came to him in a dream and told him not to say anything good or bad. What does this mean? We’ll find out later in the story

It is in the power of my hand to do you hurt: but the God of your father spake unto me yesternight, saying, Take thou heed that thou speak not to Jacob either good or bad. Genesis 31:29

Laban was seeking to get revenge on Jacob, however he remembered that warning God gave him about Jacob. Laban listened to Gods warning and eventually made a peace treaty with Jacob

Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away now empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the labour of my hands, and rebuked thee yesternight. Genesis 31:42

Jacob affirms the only reason Laban hasn’t killed him is because God is watching over him. Then Laban and Jacob made a covenant and they went peacefully on their way headed to Canaan

This will be the beginning of the nation of Israel