6 thoughts on “Is Yoga Satanic?

  1. katiemiafrederick

    Nope, Yoga is NOT Satanic.
    Does God Live on an Island Without Humans.. The Answer is Yes.. Does God Live Without Words.. OG Yes
    The Answer is Yes unless
    God is only rarified
    Abstract Symbols
    Humans Secondarily
    Construct as Words outside
    Our Innately Born Nature..
    That are Our Cultures now
    In Deed.. Do Humanly
    Constructed Words as
    Forms Change the Essence
    Of God.. No
    But Words Do
    Become Lies
    Of CuLture that
    Otherwise Do now
    Hide the Essence of
    God in Us as so many
    In the Western World
    Are Yet to Seek/Find
    Still Now Without
    Meditative Practices
    YES including YOGA
    That Bring US Back
    To Union With
    The Naked Spirit
    Of God Within Us..
    Escaping From the
    Cultural Constructs
    Of Words as so
    Many Cultural
    Clothes in
    Deed Separate
    Us from Union
    With the Living
    Naked of Human
    CuLtural Clothes
    Spirit of God Within..
    Now to be clear.. i don’t
    Expect you to understand
    Or Follow this Spirit
    Of God in Union
    Unless you
    Can and
    Find a Way
    As You May
    Seek and Find within..
    So Yes.. Thank you for the
    Darkness of your
    Ignorance on
    This subject as
    You Muse the copy
    And Paste of this
    Thought where
    Those who Seek
    And Find Will See it too..:)

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