Happy Anniversary

Two become One Flesh and whatever God joined together let no one separate. As me and my wife celebrate our Anniversary, I ponder the covenant of marriage God made between man and woman. When you understand the covenant of husband and wife being joined together, you understand the beauty of marriage. Two peoples lives transforming into one life in unity with each other.

You understand that your good times are also good times for your spouse. As well as your bad times are equally shared. Everything you do has a direct impact on your spouse. Therefor as a partner you abandon selfishness and think about the greater good of your marriage.

I’ve been blessed to call Heidi my wife, my best friend , my better half, the mother of my children for over 20 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and its because Two become One Flesh. I couldn’t ask for a better partner from God and I look forward to our future

Sure there will be rough times, there will be trials , but as Two remain One , nothing can separate the covenant of marriage. Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife Love You with all my heart

11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. rachaelneville84

    Godly marriages are such a beautiful testimony of God’s goodness and grace…may He continue to bless your lives as you honor Him!

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