House Divided

“If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. Mark 3:25

While Jesus continued to perform miracles, driving out demons, ect the religious leaders accused him of being possessed by a prince demon named Beelzebul, to obtain the powers Jesus has. The interesting thing is this is documented in the “Talmud” (which is a book of Rabbinic Teachings) that states Jesus had “magical powers” to perform miracles ect.

Jesus quickly demonstrated to them that their logic is very flawed. Why would Satan drive out Satan? (Mark 3:23) Obviously if Jesus was possessed by the devil he would be doing works of the devil, not works of God. He wouldn’t be healing people and forgiving their sins, he would be afflicting them and condemning them to hell

Jesus makes another good analogy, a house or kingdom divided will not stand (last) If Jesus was possessed with a demon, why would he be attacking his own kingdom? Its illogical, however lets look at the Christian “Church” today. Most Christians spend a good part of their time arguing with other Christians about doctrinal differences, did you not hear what Jesus said?

The reason the “Ekklessia” the Church is so ineffective today is because its greatly divided. We have over 40,000 different denominations, we have Hebrew Roots\Messianic groups,  we have cults like Jehovah Witnesses and Seven Day Adventists, Christianity is divided in many directions.

If were truly disciples of Christ, we need to find common ground and unite for our Lord. If every Christian came together, worshipped together, prayed together, Satan would be powerless. But because many “Christians” cant even be in the same room as each other, the Church is divided. Jesus said a House divided will not stand.

Some suggest Christianity needs another reformation, they might be right. If your truly my brother or sister, then start acting like it. Jesus is our Lord (Master), not any doctrine or creeds Amen!

9 thoughts on “House Divided

  1. anitashope

    We have been studying Judges over the last few weeks on Wednesday’s and I am reminded how over and over Israel kept rejecting God and turning back to the Baals. We don’t really have Baals today but yet we do as we keep following our mind instead of His.

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  2. Stephanie Bekasi

    A good read bro BUT when as I was reading I kept seeing how satan loves to divide the home where father,mother and children live. How many times has satan separated this house by pinning parents against each other,using their children as his weapon! This is the house that needs to stand firm in the Word of God and not allow the enemy to destroy this house! Today’s parents even Christian ones are having a hard time keeping their children in tow. So many marriages are ending in divorce. I see Christian teens willful and argumentative wearing down their parents so they can have a taste of the world! This is a house being divided! It’s a sad thing to see but it’s everywhere!

    Shalom dear brother! 😉

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    1. Unashamed of Jesus Post author

      Amen sister! I was actually thinking about this all morning…the greatest tragedy in Christianity is the neglect of our families

      Men abandon their wife and children to make a great name for themselves.. build up a mega Church

      Did Noah leave his family behind in the flood? We must remember not to abandon our roles as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, ect

      God has ordained us to do this Shalom

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      1. Stephanie Bekasi

        You got that right brother! If more men would step into the roles God ordained them to be we would see a healthier church body because when they are taking care of “their families” first the church body flourishes! The men in the church are selling themselves and their families/church body short! Yes,God comes first then “your family” not the church family!

        I’m always more concerned with the family unit because that’s where our enemy strikes first!

        Sweet Shalom!

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