Go Forward

The sons of Israel went through the midst of the sea on the dry land, and the waters were like a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. Exodus 14:22

As God delivered the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt, another critical step came for their deliverance.  The Egyptians were chasing them down to kill them and they were trapped at the Red Sea. From their perspective it was over, Moses had led them to their death.

But God didn’t lead them this far to just let them be destroyed, God had a redemption plan.

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to go forward.  Exodus 14:15

While the Israelites were moaning and crying to Moses, God said to Moses “What are you waiting for”? “Go through the Red Sea as I commanded you”!  To listen to God will take Faith. By our human logic walking through a large sea will not save us but only drown us. However God had a redemption plan for the Israelites , it was only a matter of them being obedient to God

Do you have a “Red Sea” in front of you today? Are you staring at it while your enemy is coming closer to devour you? God is saying “Go Forward”!

By faith they passed through the Red Sea as though they were passing through dry land; and the Egyptians, when they attempted it, were drowned. Hebrews 11:29

By Faith the Israelites passed through the Red Sea. In their human minds they didn’t know how they were going to cross the Red Sea. They didn’t know if they would drown or die, but they believed in God and his promises.

Go Forward Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! He will walk you through the waters Amen!

7 thoughts on “Go Forward

  1. Stephanie Bekasi

    Who will I send????
    That’s what I heard for months before God moved us to Maine from our cushy home,family,friends and job. God was moving us and He did it to a place where we knew no one. He was moving us to Maine. Maine??? We had come to a place in our walk where when God said something we acted on it!
    So,some 12 yrs later we are still in Maine no job, no church body, no family, a few friends (mostly those from home in Massachusetts).
    We had no idea what was in store for us all we knew was this…we had a history of God’s provision and faithfulness.
    It’s easy to do something for God when you have that kind of testimony BUT the time came when we were both in a situation where our faith had to really shine. For 3 years we felt like we were wondering in the desert God had become silent we kept praying and crying out to Him for answers but none came. Then I remembered a Scripture God gave me when we first came to Maine it’s from Isaiah 40:18-20. God had remained faithful He was priming us for His next assignment.
    Today He made good on His promise to Joseph and me. Today our faith in Him is stronger and our marriage is sweeter all because when He said GO…we did!
    When you walk by faith there’s nothing God won’t do for you!

    Sweet Shalom brother! 😉

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