Council of Jerusalem

nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified. Galatians 2:16

One of the great debates that continue in Christianity is the Law vs Grace. There are actually Christians today who still are arguing over this topic. However this issue was resolved by the First Century Church at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15)

Jewish Christians were still trying to keep the Law while being saved under Grace. Paul brought together all the Apostles to discuss this issue. Even as today, things got heated between the Apostles. Paul called out Peter for still living like he was Under the Law when Peter was Under Grace.  Peter separated himself from Gentile Christians because they were not circumcised.

“I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly.” Galatians 2:21

 Paul makes a bold statement here, if the Law justifies us then Christ died for no reason. The Law doesn’t justify anyone, only Jesus Christ can justify us before God. If you still living Under The Law then your are rejecting the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Law is a mirror to see our sin but not a means of atoning for our sins.

“Now therefore why do you put God to the test by placing upon the neck of the disciples a yoke which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear? Acts 15:10

The Pharisees declared that Christians should practice the Mosaic Law (Acts 15:5) However Peter then stood up and said “Why are you expecting Christians to be bound to The Law when the Jews couldn’t keep the Law”?

“But we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in the same way as they also are.” Acts 15:11

Peter states we are saved by Grace through Jesus Christ not The Law. While many even today like to bound Christians to the Mosaic Law, its only Jesus Christ that can save you, not the Law

Put your Trust in the works of Christ, as he said on the cross “IT IS FINISHED” the debt has been paid Amen!

11 thoughts on “Council of Jerusalem

  1. anitashope

    And I am sad to say that sometimes we as Christians also want to put rules down in place of grace. Thank you for reminding of of even Peter getting side tracked. It helps us realize how easy it is. May we take to heart the truth of Grace.

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  2. jennacar

    Two points: One is that why do they need to exist, some believe, exclusively? Why do Christians think it’s EITHER “law” (which is a mistranslation, actually–it’s “instructions”) OR grace. In the ancient Near East, there were no such black or white, either/or. All things were by matter of degrees. It was Greek thought that made that distinction based on their views of the nature of life, that physical matter was evil while the spiritual was good. This runs counter of our bibles because “God” deemed it all as good, and mankind–a mixture of physical and spiritual as “very good.”
    Second, if you were tasked to hire somebody to go to Gentile groups who had no exposure to the Torah and you wanted them to understand it wasn’t for them. Would you choose someone, a Jew, who had memorized the Torah before going to study it and who was a Pharisee of the Pharisees (that wasn’t just a brag, that was his achievement)? OR would you hire a Gentile, someone who didn’t know the Torah, but understood the non-Jewish culture? I’m pretty sure that if there was no need to explain the Torah or discuss it, someone without the knowledge would have been good enough and actually could be trusted not to use any Torah teaching, who surely would not have counseled at least one of his pastors that “All scripture is profitable….” (remembering, of course, that there was no “New Testament” until the 4th century).
    Had Paul wanted to segregate certain of the Torah, he had that ideal opportunity to do that.

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      1. jennacar

        “…please clarify” is a bit terse and not at all helpful but I’ll do my best. To my first point, why does it have to be law OR grace? As far as I can see, it’s both. Why does being in grace mean you can act any ol’ way you want all of the sudden? Do you understand, for instance, that Peter had that vision (you know, the one they all celebrated with ham sandwiches–NOT) 10 YEARS following the resurrection? Why didn’t he get the memo that all those horrible food laws–the ones that keep you from shoving the world’s waste management system on the barbey–had been done away with? The vision is explained by Peter himself on two occasions and it has nothing to do with food. He told the emissary of his vision that he had not had any unclean food–wouldn’t that be kind of dumb if what Christians say about it is true?

        And take the response of James in Acts 15 to the gentiles. His answer was for them to immediately stop doing four abominable practices AND then to go hear Moses read at the synagogues every Sabbath. I guess almost 20 years post resurrection, they, too, were still getting it wrong, then?

        Nobody’s said that grace isn’t the path to salvation. But Christians are quick to run to an either/or situation where you think it has to be one or the other. It doesn’t. It’s grace AND keeping the commandments: Rev 14:12  Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Yahshua. 

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      2. Unashamed of Jesus Post author

        Jesus said it’s what comes out of a person that defiles them not what you eat… Are Christians losing their salvation by eating pork?

        James said if you broke one law you broke them all. Are you keeping over 600 Mosaic Laws?

        Jesus is our Sabbath rest, this is why Jesus said he is Lord of the Sabbath, come to me all you are weary and I will give you Rest ( Shabbot)


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