Do You Believe?

Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” John 20:29

Thomas spent over 3 years with Jesus in his inner circle. He witnessed many miracles performed, he even heard the direct teachings from Christ himself. However when Thomas heard from his fellow disciples that Jesus has risen from the dead, he would not believe them unless he saw Christ himself.

Because of this he received the nickname “Doubting Thomas”, was Jesus mad because Thomas asked him questions? No , because Jesus wants us to seek him, to seek truth! Its important to ask questions, and its important to seek answers.

Many will label Christians as not “Free Thinkers” or question how can you believe in something you haven’t seen? My question to them is “Have you ever investigated the historical evidence of Jesus?” “Have you ever studied the gospels and the historical reliability of the scriptures”? Most will say no, because the honest truth is they really are not seeking. Most people will just parrot what they see on the Internet or Social Media without giving it their own original thought

Do you believe in Love? Do you believe in the Wind? Do you believe the Earth is spinning around the Sun? These things we haven’t seen with our own eyes yet we believe them because they are true. We know these things are true because we have experienced them or we tested them.

It’s the same with Jesus, he is real and he has Risen to give you salvation. Will you seek him? Do you want to experience him? Have you tested his teaching from a historical reliability standpoint? Blessed as those who Trust in Jesus Amen!

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