Come Out!


I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues; Revelation 18:4

Jesus is telling true Christians to “Come Out” of the false Church, “Come Out” of the false religion that is being labeled Christianity today. Because if you continue to support an evil religion you will be held accountable! Those who continue to support these pedophile organizations, the blood is on your hands! You are guilty with them and will receive the same judgement!

Just the other day the grand jury in Pennsylvania released a list of over 300 Catholic Priests guilty of sexually abusing Children! Yet we still have “Catholics” supporting this organization! What is wrong with you people! Do you honestly think God will bless or forgive you for supporting pedophiles? You need to “Come Out” of the Catholic religion and follow the only true Savior Jesus Christ!

“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble. Luke 17:2

Jesus said it would have been better if these pedophiles were never born than to undergo the judgement they are about to suffer. Yes these priests will be held accountable by God, he will make them pay, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth! However if anyone else supports this evil, You are guilty also! Manmade religion wont save you! Only Jesus Christ

And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’ Matthew 7:23

There will be many so called “Christians” who will find out on judgement day they were never saved! Don’t be left behind! Come Out of the False Church! Come Out of your False Religion!

9 thoughts on “Come Out!

  1. Filosopete

    Every modern church, even Protestant, is derived from Rome. And I have so many examples of Protestant church leaders molesting children and seducing married women. I leff church altogether in 2006 when, at my last church, I learned that the leadership and some members had a swinger’s club or even orgies. At a renewal church. If the shoe fits…..

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  2. Filosopete

    I must add that the molestations were covered up by several church councils, even when the lead elder had a “honeymoon” with a BLIND 13-year old beautiful blonde young girl. And when a magistrate found another church leader guilty, she ordered him to stay away from children. The very next thing: he surfaces at a leader at a Protestant church youth camp, where unsuspecting parents sent their children to, but with a fully informed leadership group. Not only did they let in a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they also dishonoured at court order. I was shown photos of young girls with him in his sleeping quarters. Then we bash Catholic priests only??!!

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      1. Filosopete

        Yes, and just tonight I saw another case of Apostolics where fornication and murder was part of the scenery. Oh, and the damn Protestants can cover up and protect their own molesters, seducers, slanderers, fraudsters and greedy people. To tell the paremts of a BLIND CHILD how the church, Apostolic Faith Mission at that, would team up against her in court, is no crime? Please remove your bias as it is biased and in very bad taste.Holier-than-thou hypocrite!!

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      2. Filosopete

        You are judgemental,BIASED and not honest in seeing the rot in all other churches. I have unfollowed you as I deem you to be a slanderer and therefore BAD COMPANY. Now read 1 Corinthians 5:9-13.

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      3. Filosopete

        Just now, I told a fellow blogger he is a biased hypocrite. I did it after her persisted in singling out Roman Catholics for abusing children, then covering it up. 

        My experience in Protestant churches:

        Case Study 1 – 13 Year Old Blind Girl

        She was in the care of the leader elder of an Apostolic Church and she was a beautiful blonde but with un-seeing eyes. Over a long weekend, at the church denomination’s conference park, had sex with her numerous times and told her to keep quiet, otherwise he would harm her. 

        Afterwards, the boss pastor, his church council and lawyers met with the parents after a complaint was lodged. They threatened the parents and the girl, promising that she would not ‘survive them in court.’ They reminded the parents that their child was blind and would not even have been able to point out the accused in court. 

        Did you notice that they weren’t Catholics? Yet everybody keeps bashing the latter? Shameless hypocrisy  

        Case 2 – The Youth Leader Paedophile

        When my wife first saw this man, at out widowed friend’s house, she immediately warned our friend that he was a paedophile. (She has a gift of discernment.) Our widowed friend got angry and lashed out at my wife, allowing this grown man to arrive past 11pm at night to visit her teenage daughter almost half his age. 

        A few months later, I opened the mornin paper and saw that this youth leader was found guilty of molesting his two cousins, the case of the 3-year old was thrown out because it would have been too difficult to prove. In her sentencing, the magistrate forbade him to come anywhere near children again. 

        Christian churches and radio stations knew about this but had him at a winter youth camp soon after, as a youth leader. So, once again a cover-up, also now Christianity corporately dishonouring a court order. 

        Parents trusted the large city’s Protestant churches and sent their young children on the camp, not knowing they would be sent straight into the arms of a convicted sex offender. And I was shown photos of minors in his sleeping quarters…….

        These were not Catholics, please note! 

        Case 3 – The Sunday School Sex Teacher

        Yet another Protestant church, in the same community, a Sunday school teacher was exposed for seducing minor girls and boys.

        Church leadership had it covered up in no time. 

        These were not Catholics, please note! 

        As I was responding to yet another Catholics-basher, I saw on TV how an Apostolic pastor ordered his congregation not to support police in a murder investigation. There was fornication, infidelity in his church, including his own wife. But he wanted to cover it up! 

        These were not Catholics, please note! 

        How many more cases should I mention? I know of a paedophile who had well over a hundred victims but the Protestant parents and teachers who knew, ot suspected it, covered it up. 

        These were not Catholics, please note! 

        How many more examples would you need to see before you realise that Protestants, not only Catholics, cover up sin? So, at least where I am around, no slandering of anyone else’s church, please!! 

        It is hypocrisy to blame Catholics while Protestantism have blood-stained hands. Be fair, be kind, don’t go about bashing others. 

        As for me, I am free ranging and neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Orthodox. 

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      4. Unashamed of Jesus Post author

        Yes all Churches have evil and wolves in them. I pointed out the Catholic Church because they were just in the news, I have called out other denominations in the past

        I’m a Born Again Christian I’m not Catholic or Protestant either… still doesn’t explain why you would defend pedophile priests

        Regardless Good luck in your future endeavors God bless!


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