2 thoughts on “You Need Jesus

  1. katiemiafrederick

    SMiLes my
    So much
    For turning
    The other
    Sandals off to
    For Batman Slapping
    Robin ACross the Check
    When Robin says He Doesn’t
    Need Jesus is verily Anti-Christ
    As Far as the Main Course that
    Better Reflects the Beatles old
    Saying all you Need is Love to
    Reflect the Law oF JeSuS And
    Even Get more Popular than
    Jesus as authorized By
    John 14:12 to
    Continually Bring
    Jesus Back to Life
    In us as the Essence
    Of Love in the
    Kingdom of
    Love yes Heaven
    Now within as
    Love incarnate
    Always in
    This Generation
    Now as we Love our
    Enemies as ourself
    And God All that is
    Co-Creating all in
    Moving Connecting
    Ways with All others
    Inherent Work oF
    SpiRiT oF LoVE
    Forever More
    Now True my
    FriEnd the World
    Verily Needs even
    More Beatles and
    Jesus Style oF aLL
    We Need is
    Love still
    For if we
    Don’t Put the
    Actual teachings of
    Jesus in our Works oF
    Life the Love dies and all
    That’s Left is a Comic
    Of Batman
    Slapping Robin
    In the Face oF
    Ignorance away
    From Love from
    What I’ve seen oh
    Most Christians in my
    Life it’s not so much that
    Jesus doesn’t know them
    Just don’t
    Do FearleSS uNconditional
    Love in tolerance and acceptance
    In Agape Love For all seems easy
    Enough to me but it’s true
    My FriEnd i Work anew in
    LoVE always NoW
    As Olympic
    As LoVE
    True still
    An eye of a Needle
    And a Camel oF
    Fear and Hate
    For most
    To come
    To Be the
    Needle and
    Need Of
    Love now
    Yes Heaven Now
    The Real Place
    OF LoVE for those
    Who incarnate becoMe LoVE..:)



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