Deny Yourself

On the contrary, who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, “Why did you make me like this,” will it? Romans 9:20

Often “Christians” today when they don’t like a certain passage in the Bible, they will overlook or skip it, and cherry pick the scriptures that fit their own agenda. I see this so often today it becomes the new normal in Christianity

Who are we to question God? We don’t like certain events in the Bible or certain commandments of obedience, Get over it! God didn’t create the world to revolve around you! Our Father in Heaven has a perfect design for eternity, you either get with the program or be cast out into darkness, its that simple

This generation has become so narcissistic they believe the Creator of the Universe is required to give them an explanation about every detail they don’t agree with, You need to humble yourself, God resists the proud!

The Jewish people were in the same predicament, they were Gods only chosen people, they thought no matter what they did they were still righteous. Wrong, God still demands obedience! You cant walk with God and hold hands with Satan!

God opened up his covenant to the Gentiles, obviously the Jewish people didn’t like this! The Jewish Messiah became the King of the World, it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with it, this is Gods design and plan!

We need to stop demanding answers from God and start carrying your cross! Where is your obedience to the Father? Have a heart of gratitude and worship and not of vain and deceit Amen!

Heavenly Father, Help us to humble ourselves, help us to know your way, to deny ourselves, carry our cross, and follow you in Jesus Name Amen!

10 thoughts on “Deny Yourself

  1. Stephanie Bekasi

    Well stated brother!
    There are many things in God’s Word that I don’t like,such as if you don’t have His Son Jesus you are on your way to the lake of fire to be tormented day and night for eternity! Who in there right mind likes reading or hearing that statement? I may not like something my God says in His Word BUT I accept it, I don’t dicker with it! “If God said it,I believe it so that settles it”! It’s that simple for me! I fall under His authority and as a follower of Jesus I do what is expected of me. Jesus says “If you love me, keep my commands.John 14:15. I love Jesus and to the best of my ability with the help from His Holy Spirit I keep His commends!
    God’s continual blessings upon you,your family and your ministry! In Jesus’ Mighty Name Amen!

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