Curse God?

Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die!” Job 2:9

Job was under serious attack by Satan, he took his family, he took his wealth, and he even attacked Jobs health. It got to a point where Jobs wife told him to just “Curse God and Die”.

But Job never cursed God or blamed him for his pain and suffering. He understood that the evil in this world doesn’t come from God. (James 1:13) People often wonder why God hates sin so much, well its because it never originated from him. All sin and evil comes from Lucifer (Satan). And all sin leads to destruction instead of life, this is why God is so repulsed by it.

But we all have probably come to a point in our life, where we want to “Curse God’. When things are going bad, most people have a natural tendency to blame God. This is how Jobs wife felt, she felt that God had cursed Job and he should just curse God

However Job understood that our Heavenly Father is not capable of performing these acts. We are in a continual “Spiritual Warfare” against Satan. The evil one wants to steal your soul while Jesus wants to save it. Regardless of what your are going through, remember that Jesus has already overcome sin and death at the cross!

Thank God for the victory we have by the blood of Jesus Christ Amen!

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