3 thoughts on “Peace Be With You

  1. worthyisthelamb737

    I love your blog. I wish I visited it more but I’ve had a rough year and my faith was tested by fire. Oh, it was horrible at the time but now I am so grateful and humbled by it and thank God I went through it. I had some sin issues but not the typical ones. Long story but it’s the type of sin that’s a gray area where you’re not sure it’s actually even a sin but the accuser loves to sling darts and arrows to cause us guilt. God convicts, satan causes guilt. Also, my computer broke so I have to share with hubby. I reblog your posts when I can but this last year, I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I was tried by fire and now I KNOW my faith is firm. I want to thank you because even if I didn’t read them everyday, just seeing your faithfulness in my email box gave me hope. You never know what God is doing through you and how He is using you to help others. Most often, it’s in very unexpected ways. God bless you & I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas but I do…and I’m going to celebrate it every single day by treating others like we treat them during this season. Merry Christmas, God bless and would you be willing to put a link to my blog on your site? It’s all about the Gospel of Salvation, giving God the glory, exposing charlatans and how to effectively share the Gospel. My doctrine and the things I share will be in line with the Word of God unless it’s to point out errors in wolves. Yours is one of the few blogs that stand on the Word. God is using you right now to help me. I know we doubt we’re doing anything but we press on so I just wanted to encourage you. You are a Godly man or woman. I honestly don’t know your gender, nor does it matter. You are a blessing. Love and peace to you, my sibling in Christ Jesus. I pray for the brothers and sisters and ask for yours in return. If you ever need help, email me at WorthyistheLamb737@yahoo.com and if ever interested in doing a project with me, I’m home 95% of the time and I want to do all I can to glorify our God! BTW, when I say I love you in Jesus Christ, they aren’t just words to me, they are extremely sincere. You are blessed and a blessing. Keep it up!

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