Lifted Up

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” John 12:32

Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead, he ascended into Heaven, just as he prophesied about himself.. This final act completed was just the beginning of the arrival of The Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Christian Church.

When Jesus ascended into Heaven he was seated at the right hand of God, this was the exaltation of Jesus Christ. No longer was he the “Suffering Servant” who lowered himself below the angels to be the ransom for our sins. Now he is sitting on the throne in Heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords

You might wonder why the disciples and apostles of Christ were willing to lay down their lives with no Earthly reward for themselves except persecution, suffering, and death. The reason is simple, many of these men were eye witnesses to Christ’s resurrection and ascension.

Paul teaches at one point there were over 500 people who witnessed the Resurrected Jesus. This is why all the people are drawn to Jesus Christ. This is why Christians were willing to risk losing their lives, because they know Jesus is the only one that can save our life

Time is running out, it’s time to be drawn to Jesus Christ, the one who was lifted up and seated at the right hand of God. The one who defeated sin and death and has made us free in Jesus name Amen

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