Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

In a world that is ever changing, there is one who we can rely on to never change, and that is Jesus Christ. The blood he shed on the cross, is still the same new covenant today. You can still be saved by our Lord and Savior, Jesus is still showing his love and mercy today, and his love will never fail

Many will say that Jesus was just a historical character or some even claim fictitious. Know this, not only does Christ never change, but he conquered the grave and reigns forevermore! In the end there will only be two kinds of people, Christians or Ant-Christs, you either accept the Lord of Lords or you oppose him. There is no other path.

Today we see many new false religions and cults continue to rise, Jesus never changes and neither does the Word of God. It was written in stone for a reason, because it does not change. Don’t follow or listen to false prophets or religions, there is only one way to God and its through Jesus Christ!

Anyone preaching new doctrines is a false prophet, God has had the same redemption plan since the beginning, and its Jesus Christ. He is our rock, that we can stand on, because his truth never changes and his mercy endures forever in Jesus Name Amen

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