Raised Us Up

“He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him. Hosea 6:2

All throughout the Old Testament are prophesies about Jesus, even starting in the book of Genesis. This prophecy by Hosea clearly was predicting the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for after the third day Christ rose and we may live forevermore in his presence.

When Hosea was fortelling this prophecy it probably didn’t make much sense to the Jewish people. But what the Jewish people didn’t understand, was despite all of our sins, God had a redemption plan not just for Israel but the entire world

Some might say this prophecy was for the Jewish people only. What they don’t realize is Yeshua (Jesus) is the long awaited Jewish Messiah. He is from the line of David born in Bethlehem. But his covenant was not only now for the Jewish people, but the entire world

By the blood of Jesus Christ, we are now Gods people also. When you are baptized by water and fire (Holy Spirit) you enter into the eternal covenant of God. All the prophecies and stories of the Old Testament now relate to you also. No longer are we seprated by God because of our sins, for on the third day Jesus was raised and defeated sin and death Amen!

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