Lost and Found

“So it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish. Matthew 18:14

Many people try to paint a picture of God being angry and mean. But as Jesus teaches us its not the will of God our Father for anyone to perish. God has done everything possible to bring us salvation, he sent his only begotten Son to take the wages of our own sins. Who else would be willing or even able to do this?

As Jesus teaches in this parable, when a Shepherd has one hundred sheep and loses one of them, he goes looking for them even though he still has the other ninety nine. This is the same with our Heavenly Father. Even though many are saved, God is still searching for the lost sheep. He doesn’t want anyone to perish, and send the Good Shepherd out to bring them home.

Just as the prodigal son (Luke 15) when we finally come home, our Father rejoices. The angels celebrate in Heaven every time a lost sheep is found. God doesn’t condemn the lost sheep, but forgives them with repentance just as a loving Father does

Are you lost today? Or are you already following our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ? If your lost , you can be found. Jesus has been sent to watch over and save us. Listen to the voice of the Great Shepherd and fulfill the will of our Father in Jesus Name Amen

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