Love of God

Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the LORD (Yahweh) evil is avoided. Proverbs 16:6

God is Love (1 John 4:8) we heard that many times before. But God has demonstrated his love for us because even though we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8) Jesus (Yeshua) became the atoning sacrifice for our sins (1 John 2:2) so through our Heavenly Fathers love and our faith in Christ we can be redeemed.

But if we listen to the commandments of God (Yahweh) we can avoid evil. For all good things come from God , Father of the Heavenly Lights (James 1:17) God doesn’t know evil, for all evil comes from the wicked one Satan. The reason Jesus (Yeshua) came was to destroy the works of Satan (1 John 3:8) and free us from his slavery

When we think about “Fear of God” its not a hateful fear, because The Spirit of God does not make us fear (2 Timothy 1:7). It’s a respectful fear, just as a child to a parent. Yahweh has promised if we listen to his commands, we will live many years (Proverbs 4:10) If we accept Jesus (Yeshua) as our Lord and Savior, we can have eternal life in Gods Kingdom Amen

9 thoughts on “Love of God

  1. Shattered in Him

    I have been growing in such an understanding of what it means to fear the Lord. And, that is the kind of fear I want in my life as opposed to being oppressed by the kind of fear that keeps you bound. I’ve been bound tight for some time and am now experiencing freedom in the fear of Him. I enjoyed this food for thought!

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