Brotherly Love

Let brotherly love continue. Hebrews 13:1

Today, October 10th, we celebrate Evans 3rd birthday. Not only has Evan been a blessing to us, but he’s been a big blessing to his brother Tanner.  I can recall hearing Evan say many times to Tanner they are best friends. Even though they have their sibling fights, they have a deeper love for each other called “Brotherly Love”

As a Father, it gives me great joy and peace of mind, knowing that these brothers will have each other for their whole life. And they have a “pure” love for one another. Not a love that is based on money or gain, but a love that is based on their heart and soul. A love that will never fail and not change.

Evan is a blessing to us also, he completes our family. As we look back on another year, it’s amazing to see him growing into a young boy, full of wonderment and love. It’s also gratifying to watch his bond with his brother Tanner grows year after year. The covenant that was made to be eternal, the covenant of brotherly love in Jesus Name Amen

Happy Birthday Evan!

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