The Mediator

If only there were someone to mediate between us, someone to bring us together, Job 9:33

Job suffered greatly, but he didn’t understand that he wasn’t being punished by God, he was being attacked and tested by Satan. During Job’s suffering he says he wishes there was a mediator between him and God, we have that mediator and his name is Jesus Christ

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5) Job understands the awesomeness of God, “ He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea” (Job 9:8) but he doesn’t understand the grace and mercy of God. He believes that God is angry and is looking to destroy him but he doesn’t understand that even though we were still sinners God still loved us (Romans 5:8)  and Christ eventually died for us all to be the ransom (1 Timothy 2:6) for the wages of our sins

Now we know that Job lived before Jesus was sent to Earth, to be our Messiah. However the God of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob is the same God of Matthew, Mark , Luke, and John. We are now Children of God through Christ (Romans 8:15) and have a mediator Christ Jesus who will acknowledge our names before God if we acknowledge him before others (Matthew 10:32) in Jesus Name Amen

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