Let Go and Let God

Is there something giving you unease or anxiety today? Have you been praying about it but not receiving any answers or peace? Chances are, for those of us who pray, you either have gone through a similar situation, or are going through one right now. So, I have an experiment for you today: hold something in your hand…something you hold regularly, like your phone, TV remote, wallet, etc,…something you are used to having in your hand…and ask someone to take it from you. But here is the interesting part…don’t let go of it. Observe the reaction of the intended recipient. I tried it two times, on two different people, and the reaction was for the most part the same. They said to me, I can’t take it, you won’t let it go! They seemed perplexed by my request. After all, why would you ask someone to take something from you if you intend to hold on to it? The bible says “Do not let your hearts be troubled, but put your trust in God: (John 14:1). Therefore, my experiment is one of faith. You can SAY you have faith in God, that you trust him to help you, but if you are praying incessantly for something with no results, all while still letting the situation or illness burden your heart and your mind, you must ask yourself, are you really giving it to God, or are  you still holding onto it? Because letting go is a demonstration of your faith. You are not showing God true faith and reverence if you keep holding tight to something while asking him to take it from you. The bible says: “You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” (Matthew 17:20). Therefore, I implore you today, to try a different experiment. What do you have to lose except the worry and anxiety you have been carrying? Ask God again to take the burden from you BUT, truly give it to Him…all of it! Demonstrate your faith by putting it out of your mind, the same way you would, if say, you had a bill overdue, and you finally put the check in the mail. Release it to Him and watch what happens. You will surely see that all your request was lacking was a little faith. Have a blessed day!

11 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God

  1. Brandon Adams

    Thanks for this. I have some different thoughts, if you don’t mind.

    Letting go can be faith, but it can also be faithlessness. After years of discouraging silence, we sometimes think that God just isn’t answering, we get tired (or lazy), and we forget in Scripture that God teaches and rewards persistent prayer (sometimes for years, as we see in Hannah’s example). We also learn that sometimes we and God aren’t the only two parties who can hold onto a thing (as we see in Daniel 10). After all, persistence can also build faith. Only someone convinced of God’s goodness can pray like the Canaanite mother.

    I would also say that if you’re praying and the anxiety isn’t going away, then instead of ceasing your prayers, you might want to recalibrate them, because prayer is supposed to increase our peace (Phil. 4:7-8). Are our prayers filled with Scripture through which we teach ourselves about God? Are we listening to his words in return?

    I guess I’m saying, persistence and letting go can both reveal faith or a lack of it, depending on the person and their circumstances. What I’m asking God right now on some particular prayers is, “Wrestle or tap out?” Meaning, do I need to keep praying or no? Is this a situation where I need to keep on like the persistent widow, or something God has already decided and scheduled one way or the other and I no longer need to pray? I’m leaning towards the first, because God has already done so much in my heart because of these prayers. But it’s a good question to ask, and it requires surrender.

    Again, good thoughts.

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