Is God First?

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

Do you put God first above all other things? Its easy for us to get distracted or sidetracked in todays world and forget about God. Especially when things are going good, but it’s important to keep God first above all things

Worship– Excessive admiration for someone or something

Do you excessively obsess or admire something or someone? This is by definition worship, and its putting something above God. Many times people become obsessed with making money, or following sports, ect. The problem is these distractions take you away from focusing on God.

As Jesus said nobody Can Serve Two Masters, (Matthew 6:24) he was specifically referencing Money as it has become a God for many people. But we must remember Jehovah Jireh God is our Provider (Genesis 22:14) not Man (Philippians 4:19)  God knows your needs and will meet them (Matthew 6:8)

Idolatry– extreme love, reverence, or admiration for someone or something

Notice Idolatry and Worship are basically the same thing; we have a huge issue with this today in our culture. We idolize and worship musicians, movie stars, athletes, ect. This is an abomination to God and it must end. (Exodus 20:3-6) God tells us throughout the Bible to avoid Idolatry at all costs

The Bible also tells that all Earthy things, such as sexual immorality, impurity, evil desires, and covetousness are also Idolatry (Colossians 3:5) Sin can be an obsession, we need to set our minds on things above and Christ (Colossians 3:2)

So are you putting God first? Are you guilty of Idolatry and ungodly Worship? Remember to keep God first above everything else in Jesus Name Amen

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