Do You Love Jesus?

If you love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

Many people claim to be a Christian and love Jesus, but are your actions justifying your beliefs? We need to remember Love is not just a feeling, its also an action.  As we learn in (1 Corinthians 13) Love is not self-seeking, rejoices in truth, and endures through all things.

Jesus said there is no greater Love than to lay down your life, (John 15:13) God demonstrated his Love for us at the cross, even though we didn’t deserve it (Romans 5:8) this kind of Love is also called Agape

Agape- is the original Greek word translated to Love, but it’s a deeper love than the superficial one the world is used to. It’s a love of faithfulness, obedience, and sacrifice.

So can you really Love Jesus if you don’t follow his commandments? Sure we are saved by Gods Grace through Jesus (Ephesians 2:8), but remember any sin is a rebellion against God. (1 Samuel 2:14) Remember Jesus said those who are not with him, are against him (Matthew 12:30)

Just like with a parent and child, when a child is disobedient or rebels against there parents commands or instruction, does this show love? No as a parent when our children disobey or lie to us, it breaks our heart. Why? Because we want the best for our children and God wants the best for you also.

So if you truly Love Jesus, then follow his commandments. For he is the truth , life, and way (John 14:6) he will not lead you astray, (Matthew 24:4) Jesus Loves you, question is Do you really Love him?

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    A good friend came to my house tonight and started an argument. We are both reborn but she has never seen anything other than hedonistic, soul dimension worship. She said that all she wants from friends is love yet she is guided by feelings and no seek His will, for instance, in choosing groceries. Let her will be done instead. So I told her, after my scary NDE as a reborn Christian, that it is love that drives me, that my passion is no obsession, that LOVE=RIGHTEOUSNESS=LOVE and that well-meaning wounds from a loving friends is better than the caresses from a thousand mistresses.

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  2. DogTags

    John wrote in I John 3:18 that we are not to love merely in word, but in works and in truth. How do we love in works and in truth? By keeping Christ’s commandments, and to love one another and to show compassion to the needy. Jesus said “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” John wrote “This is love, that we walk after his (the Father’s) commandments.” II John 6. What are Christ’s commandments? The same as the Father’s because Jesus did not come to destroy the law. Matthew 5:17.

    It appears to me that obedience requires both doing and teaching his commandments. See Matthew 5:19. Our own obedience comes first, then we will see clearly to teach others the commandments. Matthew 7:1-5. Pointing out sin in the lives of others is not hypocritical judgment if our lives are in order. In fact, teaching others the commandments is part of our obedience. Teaching others requires us to know the truth, otherwise we will simply be reproducing lies. Reproducing the truth requires knowing the truth.

    Speaking the truth must be done in love. What that exactly means is something I am beginning to study. I do not have a complete answer yet.

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