Are We Truly One?

Are we truly One?

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

We live in a world that likes to segregate us, that likes to label us and put us into categories. But when you’re truly a Christian, this is not the case. For God sees all his children equally, for God does not show favoritism (Romans 2:11)

Then why do we have so many different Christian denominations when we supposedly all worship the same Christ? This is because Satan wants to divide and conquer, Jesus said a kingdom divided among itself will not stand (Matthew 12:25) So when we separate ourselves from each other were doing the work of Satan and not God.

Jesus taught us to Love our neighbor as yourself, (Mark 12:31) he didn’t say to just love yourself or your family. Jesus also taught to even love your enemy (Matthew 5:44), so why is there so much separation between the Church and the rest of the world?

If we truly want to be one in Christ then we must be more like Christ, meaning we eat with sinners (Matthew 9:10), associate with people of different nationalities (John 4), stand up for injustice (John 8:7) and rebuke corruption in the church (Matthew 21:13)

So are we truly one? Or did we create walls to divide ourselves? Remember there is only one God and one Heaven, and only one human race. We were all created in his image, its time we unite through Jesus Christ as he intended Amen

16 thoughts on “Are We Truly One?

  1. Steven Sawyer

    Excellent post and excellent thought and scripture. No, sadly, the church is not one. The church, which was birthed in Acts 2 was the true Church of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately when man got hold of it, he, with Satan’s urging, as you say, made their “church” the way they wanted it to be. Not how God created it.

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    The fix? Come out of her, My people…..repent and return to the true church of Yerushalayim (I like showing off that spelling!) Simple terms: live in Queens? Then be the church of Queens. Live in Rockport? Then be the church of Rockport. Or are you in Excelsior, MinneSnowta, then be that church there. Nothing Epoiscopal or Catholic or Methodist……that is just no how Jesus wanted His body to be.

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  3. Keith A. Wadley

    I would argue that believers are more than their church name or evwn their church doctrine. Whether Pentecostal or Lutheran or Nazarene or nondenominational we have the same person in us, the Holy Spirit/Ghost. This is evident when we meet believers from other denominations who most would say are a ‘true’ believer. I have dewp friendships with people from doctrines that I do not believe the Bible teaches clearly but we are still united in Christ. If you feel divided then check yourself first. There is unity in God’s church/people (the gathering of believers if you will) and we can and do unite in our prayers and actions daily. Satan’s deception is in the label we use to identify ourselves.

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      1. Keith A. Wadley

        Most people is the key wording there. I didn’t say all people who claim to be Christians are in unity. We are known by our love for one another. We cannot love God yet hate our brother/sister in the faith. If someone is a believer then it should be evident and the unity will be there.

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  4. flyingwithrick

    When Jesus said to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church”, he knew he was giving us a leader who was flawed. Peter proved that point when he denied Jesus. The leadership of the Church on Earth is, like Peter, flawed. But the truth is that the Church is led by God who carries out His plan in spite of our brokenness. Praise God for those who see God in all people and follow His command to treat their neighbor as themselves.

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  5. Debbie L

    Amen! Great post. I say I’m a Christian. Since we travel full time, we seek out where God would have us worship Him each week. We have found we identify more with Southern Baptist Convention churches, so that’s usually now where we look first. All up and down the east coast and through Kentucky (the latest state we explored), we feel very comfortable, the worship music, psalms and hymns resonate with us and the Word from God via the Pastor is always right on for us. Does this mean we’re Baptists? Just like our political affiliation, we’re independents. But we tend to hang or worship with like minded people.
    I used to be part of an interdenominational prayer group that met every Friday morning and quarterly, our various churches hosted an evening of prayer and worship together. I loved the diversity we were exposed to….doctrinal we only had minor differences, but we realized we all loved JESUS! And you could tell we were Christians by our live and hugs for each other!

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