Wake Up America


17 thoughts on “Wake Up America

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  2. God's Messenger

    The sad part about those who support the satanist movement and its statue is that they are spiritually blind from the truth. America and every nation that chooses to reject God and elevate themselves as their own god will experience God’s wrath and judgment. All that we see in our world today are not only signs of the End Times but they are outward manifestations of a generation of wicked people. The only solution is Jesus Christ.

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  3. SherryAnn

    If Christians would get into a Spirit of Travail and deep Intercession we would see things change. There have been times where I have been in deep intense intercession to where my stomach hurt and we saw people coming into the church.

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  5. reubenkerrlostsonsreturning

    Such a sad, deeply disturbing,deeply depressing post bro. But one we so need to hear! Notice how so many of the bystanders make their puny excuses. But, one day, they will be judged because of the fickle reasons why they visited Satan’s temple. How sad. And then it will be too late…

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      1. The True Light!

        This has been the story of man since the beginning. The temptation to sin has always been a strong one for all people. That’s why we needed a Savior in Christ Jesus to intercede for us…

        Thank you for your visits and comments!


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