The word “Church” is typically translated from the Greek word “Ekklessia” meaning called out assembly or congregation. Basically the word Church means Christians, its not a building but the Body of Christ

The Church is often misunderstood and abused , check out my videos and articles below concerning the Church. As always , please send me any questions or comments

We Are The Church (Video)Body of Christ

Photo by Michael Morse on

Hebrews 10 Don’t Forsake The Church

Society Needs The Church Matthew 16

Luke 11Woe To The Church

Romans 12 Body of Christ

Hebrews 13 Brotherly Love

Exodus 36- Exodus 36- The Church

Acts 4- What Is The Church?

Colossians 1- Colossians 1- Head of The Church

Colossians 1- Body of Christ

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