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  1. Pastor Joe Quatrone, Jr.

    My friend, I want to thank you for following my blog and liking my recent post. As you know from reading the post, my lates book “Back to the Basics: A Guide For Christian Living” is marked down this month at Amazon. Since it will primarily get in the hands of readers by word-of-mouth, would you please help me spread the word? I will leave two links for you (to reblog, share on facebook, or perhaps you have a better idea). Thanks. 🙂

    Amazon –

    Blog –

    God bless!

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  2. brother malachi

    Thanks unashamedofjesus for stopping by a word from malachi and for the like. I pray godspeed as you blog for our Savior.

    I pray His Spirit will open your mind to the truth of His word, and he will give you the courage to type for His honor and glory.

    Peace in Yeshua,
    brother malachi

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      1. thenovelist

        I was of that impression when I went to a 7th day Adventist school for 6 years and had to pass Bible as a subject before I could graduate. In addition to that, I attended several other Churches preaching practically the same gospel. It was only when Jesus guided me to the Vedas and a very rare spiritual master, I began to learn something deeper about not only who God, the Father really is, but also about Jesus himself. I used to think I know everything there is to know from just reading the Bible, but I was humbled in how very little I knew. There is a reference in the Bible I believe John 16:12 to the effect that ‘there is so much more I want to give, but you are not ready.’ I meditated deeply on that and prayed for many years, until I later received that ‘something more.’
        Blessed be.


  3. jscottdorsey

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I’ve just started reading through yours and look forward to catching up on your past posts. Great content. It is truly inspiring to see God work through those voices who are not ashamed!

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  4. mrsmariposa2014

    Thanks ever so much for following Becoming His Butterfly! Every follow is precious to me. And I can certainly appreciate being unashamed of Jesus and wanting to lead others to the cross. May He bless your efforts!

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  5. newyorknorthfineart

    I enjoyed finding your blog and reading some of your posts. I too, don’t know when Jesus became such a bad word in our society. I am glad to see you writing about this and trying to change things. I look forward to following your blog. ~Rita

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  6. tickmenot

    Thanks so much for following my blog, Walking With Jesus, but the one you followed is my old blog.

    I would appreciate you going here: and signing up to follow me on the upper right hand column that says “subscribe.”

    You will get everything that is on the old blog, plus new things that I add. I am so happy you would choose to follow me.

    God’s blessings!

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  7. reubenkerrlostsonsreturning

    hi unashamed of Jesus! Are you the SAME uoj as the one on googleplus?? If so, you will recognize me as one of the people you ‘followed’. Sad to say googleplus did the dirty on me and for that reason I closed my account. I was getting the Good News out there and Satan didn’t like it one bit. You’re welcome to follow my blogs – much of the same as my gp posts – interviews and straight prose. Anyway, take care. Be blessed. Reuben.

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  8. michellespagefornonni

    Thank you for “liking” my post on Reasons to Believe Jesus. I am so happy you are blogging about your faith, and may Jesus use what you write to bless just the person who needs to read it. God bless you

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